在这些山 Appalachian Folklife Apprenticeship
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About the Apprenticeship Program

北卡罗莱纳 在这些山 阿巴拉契亚民间学徒计划为北卡罗来纳州阿巴拉契亚地区委员会各县的许多文化社区提供为期12个月的民间和传统艺术学徒培训. In 2019, 2020, 和2021年, 作为为期三年的学徒计划的一部分,申请的重点将是北卡罗来纳州阿巴拉契亚社区的传统民间艺术和文化 在这些山 project sponsored by South Arts. Applications will be reviewed by a panel, and two mentor/学徒 pairings will be selected each year.

All applicants must be 18 years or older.

Mentor artists will receive a grant award of $7,000. Apprentices will receive a grant award of $3,000. Applicants will describe who is responsible for any supply costs. Typically, the 学徒 is expected to cover the cost of supplies. Alternative distributions of funding may be considered upon request.

申请截止日期为 2021年4月5日. Selected pairs will be announced in May. Apprenticeships will take place from July 2021 through June 2022.

About Folklife and Traditional Arts

民间生活是一种表现艺术、实践和生活方式,从一个社区中产生. 代代相传的民间生活成为那个社区的传统艺术. 传统艺术往往植根于一个地理位置和它的宗教, ethnic and occupational groups, 或者他们被移民和移民社区带走,因为他们在新的家园建立了自己. Folklife and Traditional Arts are the arts and 实践s of the people, and are typically taught through one-on-one training in a community setting.

Such 实践s include traditional music, 工艺品, 视觉艺术, 舞蹈, 艾治, calendar or life-cycle customs, 语言艺术, 治疗技术, 和职业技能.

What is a Mentor Artist and an Apprentice?

A 导师的艺术家 传统传承者是否致力于传承一种传统艺术形式或其文化遗产的实践. 导师艺术家被其他艺术家和他们自己的社区成员认为是熟练和专注的实践者. Applying 导师的艺术家s should demonstrate expertise, 教学经验, long engagement with their art form or 实践, and deep knowledge of their tradition.

An 学徒 是一个被艺术家导师选中,在导师的艺术形式或实践中持续学习一段时间的专心致志的学生吗.  学徒在开始学徒生涯之前,应该对导师的传统有一些过去的经验, 所以在一起的时间将帮助学徒在他们自己的精通之路上发展. Apprentices and mentors may be family members, and 学徒s may have studied under the 导师的艺术家 previously. 最坚固的一对会有一个共同的社区或宗教、种族或职业团体. 最优秀的学徒申请者还将有意向在未来通过培训他人来继续传播他们的艺术形式. 两个或三个学徒的团队有资格与一个导师的艺术家学习,如果这样的学习风格在传统中是可取的.

Eligibility: Who May Apply?

阿巴拉契亚民间生活学徒计划旨在鼓励继续传播, 实践, and development of the region’s many folklife traditions, especially those that face endangerment. For application cycles in 2019, 2020, 和2021年, 只有阿巴拉契亚地区委员会各县的学徒配对才有资格申请. 在北卡罗莱纳, these counties are: Alexander, Alleghany, 阿西娅, 艾弗里, 废话, 伯克, 考德威尔, 切罗基族, 粘土, 戴维, 福赛斯, 格雷厄姆, 海伍德, 亨德森, 杰克逊, 麦克道尔, 梅肯, 麦迪逊, 米切尔, 波尔克, 卢瑟福, 斯托克斯, 萨里郡, 斯温, 特兰西瓦尼亚, Watauga, 威尔克斯, 亚德金河, 和燕西县.

不合格的艺术形式和活动包括当代工作室工艺艺术家的作品, 专业的老师, 以及来自活动起源文化社区之外的艺术家导师的复兴. 而导师必须代表一种传统,已知和实践在他们的北卡罗莱纳社区, 学徒s may come from different backgrounds or 文化 communities.


  • 导师必须代表他们的NC社区中已知和实践的传统. 在申请前,请咨询民俗节目工作人员有关艺术形式和活动的资格.
  • Master and 学徒 must both reside in a North Carolina ARC county, and be able to provide proof of US and NC residency.
  • 结对学生必须提交一份工作计划作为他们申请的一部分,该计划设定了清晰的、可实现的目标,可以在12个月的资助期内完成.
  • Pairs should meet on a regularly scheduled basis. 大多数结对每周见面.
  • 他们必须通过书面评估来跟踪他们的会议和进展, 照相记录, 录音, 或视频剪辑. 民间生活项目的工作人员可以讨论适当的跟踪方法.
  • 所有的结对必须在学徒期结束时在他们的社区内公开展示他们的成就. Presentations may take the form of performances, 展品, 示威活动, web and social media presentations, or other formats appropriate to the tradition. Folklife staff can assist in preparations for such presentations.
  • Mentors and Apprentices must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Receipt of NC 艺术委员会 grant funding requires no overdue tax debt, 或者来自国税局或律师的一封信,信中说他们正在采取措施解决过期的税收债务.
  • Additional grant requirements can be found on the 授权者需求页面.

What Makes a Strong Application?

  • When your application is reviewed by a panel, 他们会考虑你的申请材料和你的学徒计划的背景.
  • 在他们的社区中,艺术家导师是否被认为是这一传统的践行者?
  • Is the 学徒 committed to living and practicing among the regional, 文化, or artistic community from which this tradition comes?
  • 是否有一种感觉,学徒制会导致导师和学徒之间持续的关系?
  • Is there interest among others in your regional, 文化, or artistic community in seeing this tradition 实践d and taught?
  • 这是否为导师和学徒提供了一个独一无二的机会去做一些在其他情况下不可能做到的事情?
  • Is there urgency in supporting this mentorship opportunity (for example, age or health of 导师的艺术家, timing of participant schedules, convergence of other opportunities?)
  • How 文化ly specific is the knowledge being passed on? Will this time together allow for deep transmission of knowledge? 例如, 建议教授你所在社区的音乐风格的具体细微差别, accompanied by teachings about that community’s history, 会比建议学习一种常用乐器的基础更强吗, even if that instrument is part of your music tradition. If the tradition is endangered and not widely 实践d, 然而, beginner instruction can make for a strong application.


Download the full guidelines and application form

The mentor and 学徒 must submit all materials as a single application. Part A (Mentor Application) is to be completed by the mentor, Part B (Apprentice Application) is to be completed by the 学徒, C部分(工作计划)由导师和徒弟共同完成.

Please type or hand-write in clear, legible print. You may use extra sheets of paper if needed.

To request that a hard-copy of the application be mailed to you, contact Folklife Director Zoe van Buren at 佐伊.vanburen@ncdcr.政府 or .

如果以电子方式提交,请将申请和所有支持材料发送到 佐伊.vanburen@ncdcr.政府

N.C. 艺术委员会
罗利数控27699 - 4600

If sending through FedEx or UPS or for hand delivery, please mail to:
N.C. 艺术委员会
109 E. 琼斯街

Applications must be received in our office by 5 p.m. 2021年4月5日星期一.


Both mentor and 学徒 must submit work samples with the application. 使用申请的工作示例页面来描述每个附加的示例或如何在线访问网络材料. YouTube、Vimeo或类似可访问网站上的视频链接可以作为作品样本提交.

For Musical or Verbal Traditions

  • 每位艺术家至少两(2)份音频或视频样本,以硬拷贝或在线形式提交. Please limit total time of work samples to 10 minutes for each artist. 检查与N.C. 艺术委员会 folklife staff if you are having problems with work samples.

For Crafts, Material Culture, and Foodways

  • At least five (5) images from each artist, 不超过十(10), submitted as either a hard copy or online. 可选:每位艺术家最多两(2)个视频样本,以硬拷贝或在线形式提交. 请将每位艺术家的视频作品样本的总时间限制在十(10)分钟之内. Check with folklife staff if you are having problems with work samples.

For Dance, Folk Theater, Calendar or Life-Cycle Customs

  • 每位艺术家至少两(2)份视频样本,以硬拷贝或在线形式提交. Please limit total time of work samples to ten (10) minutes for each artist. 每位艺术家提交五(5)至十(10)张图片,以硬拷贝或在线形式提交. Check with folklife staff if you are having problems with work samples.