应用程序s must be received by email or in our office by 5 p.m. 2021年3月1日星期一.
The internship takes place for twelve weeks between May and September, 2021. 候选人将在2021年3月15日之前收到决定通知.


Folklife is the expressive arts, practices, and lifeways that emerge from within a community. Folklife that is passed through generations grows into the 传统al arts of that community. Traditional arts are often deeply rooted in a geographic location and its religious, 民族和职业群体, or they are carried with immigrant and migrant communities as they establish themselves in new homes. Folklife and Traditional Arts are typically taught through one-on-one interaction in a community setting. Folklife is an essential and enduring part of how communities form their identity, 从他们的过去中学习, 决定他们的未来. Folklife is a living and dynamic experience expressed through art, 音乐, 跳舞, 庆祝活动, 工作, 故事, 衣服, 位置感, 和信仰. 没有一个社区是没有它的,我们都是它的载体.

自1977年以来,N.C. 艺术委员会 has promoted North Carolina folklife and 传统al arts through folklife apprenticeships, 资助及特别计划, 全州计划, 对现存传统的持续记录, 以及民俗资料的档案.


  • Graduate students with at least one year of study in folklife or related field (ethno音乐ology, 人类学, 历史, 美国研究, 或其他文化艺术领域).
  • Undergraduates entering or completing their senior year with equivalent experience with 传统al arts and culture or a strong background in community-based cultural experience.


为期三个月的实习提供了密集的培训, directed training and experience with the 艺术委员会's Folklife program. 该实习生还将与联合国密切合作.C. 艺术委员会’s Arts and Organizations team and the Communications and Marketing team. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the internship is held virtually and no travel will be required.

Training experiences are designed to introduce the intern to a range of issues and activities, 包括公共项目的规划和实施, organizing original field research in support of folklife projects, grantsmanship, 财务规划与管理, 公共项目的宣传和推广, advising local 组织 and arts agencies on folklife projects, 并在当地培养跨部门关系, 区域, 和国家的水平. Please be aware that in response to COVID-19, some regular N.C. 艺术委员会 programs have been postponed or modified in 2021.

Folklife projects for the summer of 2021 include support for the 2021 Appalachian Folklife Apprenticeships including the selection panel, 面试, 转录, 文档, 以及社交媒体上的个人资料, support for virtual 事件s and programs in collaboration with the communications and marketing team, support for arts roundtables and grantmaking outreach to arts 组织, 参与DEAI和战略规划研究, and the opportunity for independent virtual field工作 into a region, 传统, or community in North Carolina of specific interest to the intern.

The intern receives a $5,000 stipend for the three-month period. All 工作 will be fully remote and interns are responsible for their own living arrangements during the program. No travel is required, but interns are responsible for their own transportation if any travel occurs.

Interns will be chosen based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Interest in professional public-sector arts and cultural programming and administration as a possible career choice
  • Familiarity and relationships with one or more of North Carolina’s cultural communities or expressive 传统
  • 具有良好的组织和研究能力
  • 写作样本
  • 具有文化文档工作经验(e.g.:采访、照片、视频、社交媒体)
  • Commitment to 工作ing in the field of arts administration or public folklore in North Carolina



提供所有问题的答案 实习申请表. Be sure to indicate that you are applying for the 民俗实习. The application form can be returned by email with other application materials to: 佐伊范布伦: 佐伊.vanburen@ncdcr.政府.

应用程序 叙述
除了申请表之外, please attach an application narrative which ad衣服es the evaluation criteria and includes the information requested below. Your responses should be numbered to correspond to the information requested.

  1. 正规教育(包括学校教育), 年, 度, 专业, 特殊的研究, 和/或培训和民俗研究项目)
  2. 目前及过去的工作经历(包括特殊项目), 出版物, 领域经验, 或与民间生活相关的活动)
  3. 特定的地方, 传统, or cultural communities of North Carolina with which you are familiar or would like to become more familiar
  4. 社区工作经验(包括志愿者工作), 俱乐部, 组织, 或其他特殊活动)
  5. Goals (describe your career goals and how the internship program will serve them)
  6. What specific training and experiences in public-sector arts and cultural programming or administration do you most desire?

请列出三个参考文献, ,包括名字, ad衣服, 白天的电话号码, 和你的关系.

的样本 工作
Include samples of your 工作 in cultural research or public presentation. For non-print materials submitted, be sure to adequately describe the subject matter. Label all materials with your name as it appears on the application form. Please do not send your only copies as the 工作 samples will not be returned to you.

  • 要求: 写作样本
    提交最多25页的研究论文, 公开展示或出版, 最好是基于原始的实地研究.
  • 建议: 下列一项或多项
    • 摄影
      Submit a selection of up to 20 images on a CD or DVD or provide links to internet access or file sharing.
    • 录音
      Submit a standard CD with noted selections not more than 15 minutes in duration or provide links to internet access or file sharing.
    • 录像
      Submit a DVD that will play on a PC or provide links to internet access or file sharing.
    • 社交媒体活动
      发送链接到任何Facebook, Instagram or professional social media that you have created to support an artist, 事件, 或者纪录片项目.
    • 采访录音文本
      Submit a sample of an interview you have conducted and transcribed, 最好是与民间生活相关的受访者.


  • 求职信
  • 申请表
  • 应用程序的叙述
  • 的简历
  • 工作样本(s)

你可以通过电子邮件把整个数据包发送到 佐伊.vanburen@ncdcr.政府.

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